Career Design & Development Services (CDDS)

CDDS is a full-service employment service committed to providing skilled, dependable employees with positive attitudes and an intense desire to work. This program builds independence and life skills by providing employment with hourly pay for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Participants unable to follow simple instructions, care for themselves, or that have other high needs attend day habilitation classes. Participants who have mastered these life skills will attend prevocational training, which may include working on the Shredding, Snack Shop or Compass Crew.

Participants need to be authorized through DARS, TTW, GR, TxHmL, or HCS.

Positive Results of Businesses Utilizing CDDS:

  • Increased productivity through efficient use of labor
  • Decreased cost of hiring employees
  • People with disabilities contribute to the growth of their community
  • Customer satisfaction
  • More tax payers, less tax users
  • Be a partner with the growing list of progressive business in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex


Career Design and Development Services (CDDS) provides community integration opportunities for adult consumers with mental retardation to choose careers and community life styles. This may include training consumers in their community (malls, transportation, libraries, grocery stores, etc.), vocational training at a Service Center (work adjustment, etc.), and providing employment opportunities (job matching, job developing, and job coaching, etc.). Goal will be the individualized process of matching desires of consumers with opportunities (vocational, community integration training, and employment) provided by the community. Also, CDDS provides a continuum of vocational services, training, and paid employment opportunities designed to develop the work potential of adults with a history of chronic mental illness. Goal will be the individualized process of matching desires of consumers with opportunities (vocational, community integration training, and employment) provided by the community. Staff is available for early morning or after-hours consultations.

Success story

John came to Career Design and Development Services frustrated and in need of a job. John has a history of losing jobs after about one month because he has not been properly trained. John enrolled in the Career Design and Development Services Supported Employment program and was assigned to work with an Employment Consultant. John’s team had a meeting and helped him develop a plan that would lead him to a successful job placement. John’s new job is one that he understands, is near his house and has a future for him. The coach helped John find the job and then trained him until he was able to do the job by himself. John is now working at a grocery store, sacking groceries twenty hours per week earning $7.25 per hour. The job coach comes by for visits each month but can be on site if more help is needed.


CDDS is located at Metrocare’s Hillside Center.

Metrocare Hillside Center
1353 N. Westmoreland
Dallas, Texas 75211

Program Manager

Carrie Parks

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